About Us

                 Beth Bruch

Mark Zeile
Beth is an award-winning documentary videographer and freelance writer. After traveling the world to make her last documentary, she’s excited about this new take on the documentary process: helping craft personal portraits of people’s lives.

 “Digital technology makes video biographies accessible to everyone," she says. "Now you don’t have to be famous to have your own biography produced. Everyone’s got a story to tell.”
Mark is
a Personal Coach and a photographer, with 30 years of experience in drawing out people’s personal stories.
For thos
e shy of the spotlight, his comfortable presence and relaxed conversational manner can make people completely forget they’re on camera. His special touch with evocative questions will help bring out the interview subject’s personality and life story.

“I truly enjoy finding out about people,” he says. “And I love knowing we’re helping create a piece of family history.”